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Is The 'Energize + Illuminate' Challenge

For My Lifestyle And Wellness Goals...??

YES! This Challenge Is For You, Especially If...

  • You're a woman between 35-55, feeling the drain of post-baby life and struggling to pinpoint why your energy just isn't what it used to be. We've crafted this journey to reignite that spark and help you reclaim your zest for life.
  • The mirror doesn't reflect the vibrancy you feel inside, and you're ready to change that. Our challenge is your guide to restoring your skin's glow, your hair's shine, and your overall radiance, making you feel as good as you look.
  • You're seeking wellness solutions that fit into your life, not the other way around. Forget about unattainable fitness regimes or beauty standards; we focus on achievable, meaningful changes that bring real, lasting results.
  • ​​You value the power of community and shared experiences. Join a network of women who are on the same journey, ready to support, motivate, and uplift each other towards a common goal of wellness and vitality.

​If You're Eager to Quickly Cultivate a Circle of Passionate "All-In" Allies...
The Kind Who Rally Together To Embrace the Next Wave of Vibrant Health and Radiance...

Then This FREE Challenge Will Show You How!

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What You'll Learn During The FREE Challenge!

Day #1 The Why!

When the dust settles, it's all about the transformation you're ready to embrace.

That's precisely why on the very first day of our journey, Beth Levis will lead you through the heart of rediscovering your vibrant self. This day is dedicated to unlocking the powerful, energized woman within you that's been overshadowed by the demands of motherhood and life's relentless pace.

No matter if you've doubted your worthiness or questioned your ability to reclaim your energy and radiance post-baby, you're about to see how transforming your mindset is the key. Even if you've felt lost in the shuffle of daily routines, Beth will show you that every mom has the potential to tap into an endless well of vitality and shine brightly, captivating the world with her renewed spirit and zest for life.

Day #2 The Transformation!

On Day 2, we dive deep into the core of your transformation: the mindset shift. It's not just about knowing what changes to make; it's about believing you're worthy of making them. Beth Levis will take you through a transformative process to shed the layers of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that have kept you from embracing your full potential.

​This session is designed to illuminate the path from where you are to where you deserve to be, filled with energy, confidence, and a radiance that reflects your inner health and happiness. You'll learn to silence the inner critic that says you can't, and awaken to the empowering truth that you can—and will—change. Through practical steps and mindset strategies, Beth will guide you to a place where you not only dream of a life filled with energy and joy but also start living it.

Day #3 Gut Health

On Day 3 of the 5-day challenge, participants embark on an insightful exploration of gut health and its significant connections to other bodily systems. The day is dedicated to understanding the intricate relationship between the gut and skin, highlighting how a healthy microbiome can influence skin clarity and overall complexion. Additionally, we delve into the gut-energy connection, unraveling how gut health impacts energy levels and vitality. Through a series of educational sessions, interactive discussions, and practical activities, participants learn about the pivotal role of gut health in maintaining overall well-being and discover actionable strategies to nurture their gut microbiome for enhanced skin health and increased energy. 

Day #4 - The Secret to Enhanced Vitality and Radiance!

Today, we're exploring the very foundation of your energy and beauty, focusing on a critical yet often overlooked aspect—your gut health. We've handpicked two extraordinary, yet-to-be-revealed supplements designed to revolutionize your wellness journey from the inside out. These aren't just any products; they are meticulously selected to support your body's natural rejuvenation process, promising to enhance your skin's elasticity and hydration while boosting your digestive health for optimal nutrient absorption and inflammation reduction.

Incorporating these mystery supplements into your daily routine will be a breeze, thanks to our practical, easy-to-follow guidance. You'll be backed by motivational success stories that bring to life the transformative power of our selected products.

Today's goal is a pivotal revelation: experiencing the undeniable link between a well-nourished gut and your overall vitality and skin health. Prepare to challenge the skepticism around supplements as we unveil the tools that will elevate your health and beauty regimen to new heights. Get ready to embrace the surprise and witness the transformation within.

Day #5 Vitality Unleashed!

On the final day of our "Energize and Illuminate" challenge, we solidify the breakthroughs and wisdom gained into a blueprint for sustained vitality and radiant beauty. Reflecting on our journey, from mindset shifts to the revelation of transformative supplements, we now understand how each practice interlinks to form the foundation of lasting well-being.

Today, you'll create your own vitality blueprint, a tailored guide to integrate this week's insights into your daily life, ensuring the energy and glow you've ignited continue to flourish. This is not the end but the beginning of a lifelong commitment to thriving health and beauty, supported by our vibrant community.

​Celebrate the transformation and look forward to a future where elevated vitality and beauty are your continuous reality. Welcome to your new dawn!


During The 5-Day Challenge!

Beth Levis

Wellness Transformation Guide

Beth Levis is an innovative wellness pioneer, leading figure in the health and vitality space, bestselling author of "Energize + Conquer - The By Beth MasterClass In Age Defiance & Unleashing Unstoppable Energy," and a dedicated student of Maya Angelou's teachings.

She's the visionary founder and passionate leader of energiseandilluminate.com, where she guides individuals on their journey to vibrant health and luminous living through transformative practices and knowledge.

​Beth's influential work has been recognized in Wellness Today, MindBodyGreen, MarieClaire, The Australian, and RUSSH Magazine, spotlighting her as a beacon for those seeking to enhance their well-being and unlock their full potential.

Your Chance To Transform Your Life From The Inside Out 



Ready to Foster a Community of Women Who Are Just as Committed to Their Energy and Radiance as You Are?

What You Can Expect From The Challenge

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • ​Feeling lost in the sea of wellness advice, unsure how to tailor it to your unique post-baby body and energy needs...
  • ​Tired of trying every new health trend that promises rejuvenation but leaves you feeling just as depleted...
  • Relying too much on quick fixes like caffeine or expensive supplements, only to face disappointing results...
  • Often overwhelmed, stuck, or confused about how to kickstart a genuine, lasting transformation in your health and appearance...

AFTER The Challenge:

  • ​​Mastering a personalized wellness routine that boosts your energy and radiance, with visible results that astonish everyone around you!
  • ​Establishing a consistent, effective wellness practice that naturally draws you into a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle without the guesswork!
  • ​​Confidently making informed choices about nutrition, exercise, and self-care that align perfectly with your body's needs and your life's demands!
  • ​​​Transforming your approach to health and wellness into a seamless, joyful journey, feeling better every day and inspiring those around you to do the same!


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